Upholstery Cleaning

Since 1980 Centurion Services has been providing superior Upholstery Cleaning for hundreds of thousands of clients in South East Michigan. Our Trained, Certified and Bonded Cleaning Technicians have years of experience caring for fine fabrics like cottons and silks as well as everyday fabrics like nylons and polyesters.

Upholstery unlike Carpet can be comprised of several different fibers and fiber blends. So special care and handling is important. Knowledge and Experience are critical. Body oils, dust, pet dander and atmospheric pollutants can cause your furniture to “ugly-out” long before it wears out.

Also, there are after market applications applied that can make your upholstery resistant to spots & stains, UV penetration & distortion or fire retardation. All of these must be taken into careful consideration when hiring an upholstery cleaning firm.

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upholstery cleaning