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Leather Care & Restoration

Fine Leather is soft and luxurious, making it an ideal choice for furniture. It is naturally durable, breathes, won’t stretch out of shape and with the right professional care, can improve with age and last a lifetime.

Centurion Services’ Leather Program offers the ideal solution to leather furniture care and leather restoration. We treat your investment in leather furnishings with technologically advanced polymers that glide into the pores of your leather helping to prevent drying, aging and cracking that will occur to even the most expensive leather products if left untreated.

The Best Leather Restoration Michigan

Our leather care professional also have extensive experience in leather restoration including: repairing burns, punctures, rips, tears and stains that can sometimes occur. Our repair compounds are chemically engineered to last for the lifetime of your leather furniture. Combined with the artistic skill of our leather care experts we can make any damage simply disappear.

In addition to cleaning, conditioning and protecting your fine leather furniture we can also top coat your leather furniture to enhance and restore its once soft and luxurious feel.

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Renew, Revive & Restore Your Leather Furniture!

Discolored or damaged leather furniture, once considered beyond repair, can now be fully restored using a revolutionary process developed by The Leather Institute and practiced by certified technicians at Centurion Carpet Cleaning.

Our unique treatment transforms worn or damaged leather to look like new. This innovative process can clean, condition, and restore leather upholstery. We can even repair punctures and tears with no visible marks.

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