Cleaning Area Rugs in Birmingham, MI

Cleaning Area Rugs in Birmingham, MI

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Area Rugs for your home, whether handed down from generation to generation or picked up at the closest Big Box store near Birmingham, can have several advantages. Area Rugs provide comfort, warmth and decorative interest. They can tie the colors of a room and your furniture together or create the traffic pattern for entry and exit. Area rugs can create safety, protecting the floors they cover from soil and dampness.

Area Rugs have some advantages over Wall-to-Wall carpets. They can be much easier to switch out with changing colors and schemes. They can be “rotated” to extend wear against pivot points. They can be easily stored after cleaning and protection. Remember . . . Always keep the care instructions for quick reference. Some rugs can last for decades with proper care, others cannot be cleaned at all.

Interior Designers in Birmingham and all over the world love the flexibility and utility of Area Rugs. The construction, design, fibers, pile, fringes, underlayment and placement of area rugs should be considered thoughtfully. With proper care, the beauty of your Area Rugs can be extended. Generally speaking, Area Rugs should be cleaned yearly. Most important of all is to vacuum your area rugs regularly removing soil or debris that can shear the fibers or stain the rug. This is also true for the rug pad beneath the area rug protecting your floors.

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Over-wetting an Area Rug can cause irreparable damage-causing unhealthy mold. So, if you need to spot clean do so with great care and use a fan or hairdryer to facilitate rapid drying of the fibers. Knowing the materials used in the construction of your Area Rug will help you know what you can clean yourself. Knowing a good rug cleaner like Centurion Services is probably just as important. We value the time you placed into picking the right rug for your environment. We will take care of it as though it was our own.

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