Alleviate Summer Allergies with Rug Cleaning

Alleviate Summer Allergies with Rug Cleaning

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
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If your allergies start to act up in the spring and summer, you’re probably looking for ways to alleviate them as much as you can. You’ll notice them most when you’re outside, but factors inside your home can irritate your allergies, too. One factor is your rugs or carpeting. Rugs and carpets trap contaminants that worsen the air quality in your home.

How rugs can irritate your allergies

Rugs act like a sponge in your home, soaking in contaminants that can be released into the air and into your airways. Things like dirt, pollen, pet hair, sand, oils, soot, and more find their way into your rugs. They can be carried in and deposited by your shoes, clothing, and pets, or blown in by the wind through an open door or window.

Once they find their way into the rug, they get trapped by the fibers. The higher-pile (thicker) your rug is, the more contaminants can be trapped in it. These contaminants can be released into the air in small amounts when you step on the rug or when the wind blows through the room. Once they’re released, they’re free to irritate your nose, eyes, and lungs.

You may even be allergic to materials within the rug’s fibers or netting. If a particular rug really bothers your allergies, check the tag for the materials in it so you know what to avoid in the future.

How to stop rugs from irritating your allergies

The best way to keep rugs from collecting contaminants is to find rugs that are allergen friendly. This means not only choosing materials you know you’re not allergic to, but also using rugs with low piles. This means a thinner rug, which has less space to trap in contaminants.

If you don’t need to go to the length of replacing your rug, then the next best course of action is to keep it regularly cleaned. Vacuuming is important, but you need a deep cleaning to really get rid of contaminants and allergens. If you never deep clean your rug, then vacuuming will lift up a ton of allergens into the air without addressing the root problem. You can deep clean a rug on your own, but there are plenty of benefits to having a professional take care of it. A pro will be able to do the most thorough possible job, and they can exercise the amount of care needed for more delicate or expensive rugs.

Centurion Services | Professional rug cleaning

At Centurion Services, there isn’t a rug that we can’t clean perfectly. We follow a standard 12-step process for our rug cleaning to ensure that every rug is given the care necessary to eliminate the chance of damage and to make sure it’s fully cleaned. We can clean area rugs, runner, mats, and more. We can also clean fine rugs, like oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and hand-woven rugs. Do yourself a favor and have our experts clean your home’s rugs so that you can get a break from the sneezing, coughing, and headaches that come with seasonal allergies.

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