Best Kinds of Carpets For People With Allergies

Best Kinds of Carpets For People With Allergies

Sunday, May 15, 2022
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Allergies are an annoying condition to deal with at best, and at their worst, they can have short- and long-term health implications. If you suffer from serious allergies or asthma, it’s probably best to avoid carpeting altogether as it traps in and releases more allergens than pretty much anything else in your home. However, for those who suffer less serious allergies or just feel like they absolutely need to have some carpet in their home, there are carpet types that won’t affect your allergies too much.

Polyester Carpeting

Polyester carpeting isn’t just a comfortable carpeting option, it’s also a great choice for allergy sufferers for many reasons. Polyester is resistant to mold, moths, and mildew, it’s easy to clean, and it repels water. All of these things keep allergens from growing in it or sticking to it.

Wool Carpeting

Wool carpeting is possibly the best carpet choice for allergy and asthma sufferers. Wool acts as a natural air filter for your home. It traps in common allergens, but unlike other carpet types, it doesn’t release them back into the air when stepped on or cleaned. It locks in these allergens, and studies show that it can effectively filter the air for up to 30 years! Another plus with wool is that the material itself won’t cause allergies either. Some carpet types are made of small fibers that can enter your airways and cause irritation, or they give off VOCs that do the same. Wool doesn’t give off VOCs, and its fibers are too large to be inhaled. Wool carpeting is one of the few choices that actually filters out allergens in addition to not irritating you in the first place.

Nylon Carpeting

While wool is the best choice out there, it’s a bit pricey. If you’re looking for a cheaper but still allergy-friendly option, consider nylon carpeting. Like polyester, nylon carpets resist moisture, mildew, and dirt. This means they resist allergens, and they’re also easy to clean. So, if some allergens do make their way in, or you spill a drink on the carpet, the cleanup won’t be too much of a pain. Nylon also commonly comes in short-pile styles, giving the allergens less fiber area to cling to.

No matter the carpet type, have it regularly cleaned

The physical makeup of carpeting in any material makes it impossible to stay 100% allergen-free all of the time. The best defense against allergens in your carpet is to clean it regularly. This means both vacuuming at least once a week, and having your carpet professionally cleaned every few months. The more often you clean the carpet, the fewer times allergens have to build up and grow in your carpet.

Centurion Services | Professional carpet cleaning

At Centurion Services, we’ve been professionally deep cleaning carpets for decades, so we have it down to a science. We use our powerful equipment and extensive expertise to clean your carpets all the way to the roots, ensuring that no allergen or speck of dirt can hide. The result is a brighter-looking, fresher smelling, and allergen-free carpet. We want to help you live life comfortably in your own home, and we can do that with our carpet cleaning services.

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