Carpet Cleaning Birmingham MI: "Ask Kathy" - How did you get into the Carpet Cleaning Business for Birmingham MI Residents?

Carpet Cleaning Birmingham MI: "Ask Kathy" - How did you get into the Carpet Cleaning Business for Birmingham MI Residents?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Centurion Services has been serving the TRI COUNTY, including Birmingham MI, in Michigan since 1980. 

This company was conceived by the founder Kathy Keiper at her kitchen table after working in the healthcare for 12 years.


Kathy needed to have her carpets cleaned. She called around to all of the "best" companies in Southeast Michigan 

and asked as many questions as she could that she felt were relevant. What was their process? What was the drying time? Were their detergents Pet Safe?

How were their people trained? Were there licences or certifications? Were they insured?  She asked for references. She asked how long they had been in business.


Kathy hired 3 different companies to do 3 different areas in her home. And to her surprise ... when she did her white glove .... actually sock test ... the socks were soiled.

The carpets took too long to dry and the experience was far from perfect.  The carpets re-soiled very quickly because there was too much soil and moisture left behind.

Six months later ... Kathy had taken classes, researched the industry, spent hundreds of hours talking to cleaning specialist all over the country. 


Kathy decided to bring what she knew about the health industry to the cleaning industry and CENTURION was born. In the beginning it was Centurion Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialist. But over the years as their services expanded and their territory expanded into Birmingham MI and beyond ... they eventually changed the name to CENTURION SERVICES INC.  


Kathy and her Team of professional cleaning Technicians and Customer Service Representatives took classes whenever and where ever they could. They developed their methods and techniques. They developed their standards, systems and protocols and were committed to hiring the Best People, to do the Best Carpet Cleaning possible in Birmingham MI and throughout Southeast Michigan. Kathy even started having continuing education at her facility so that her Team could always be on the cutting edge of any new processes, products, fibers and fabrics. 


They knew then what they still believe today ... If you provided outstanding customer services time after time and keep the customers satisfaction at the center of your effort you could not fail. The proof is evident in the numbers of clients they have serviced and the number of repeat and referral business they garner each year. Over 87% of their business is either repeat or referral. Kathy offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which is unheard of in Birmingham MI or anywhere in this industry.


Centurion, their processes, their in-house training and their corporate culture are all built around making your carpet cleaning in Birmingham MI, upholstery, tile & grout or leather cleaning experience the best service experience you've ever had. Their goal is to provide you with the "peace of mind" you deserve when you hire a cleaning professional. They are happy to arrange free residential or commercial estimates or demonstrations. 


Their service area includes Grosse Pointe, Birmingham MI, all the way up thru St Clair on the east  and from Ann Arbor through Clarkston on the west. 


In fact, Centurion has become the preferred cleaning company in Birmingham MI, Rochester, Troy, Macomb Township, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights and Warren.