Carpet Cleaning Macomb County

Carpet Cleaning Macomb County

Thursday, March 8, 2018

How often should Macomb County residents get their carpets cleaned?

According to most carpet manufacturers, your carpets should be “professionally” cleaned every 12 to 18 months. The manufacturer uses the word “professionally” for several reasons. Certified Carpet Cleaners use best practices to maintain your investment in floor coverings.

The manufacturer wants to be sure that the process complies with the standards set by the IICRC and The Carpet & Rug Institute. These two governing bodies CERTIFY cleaning technicians and companies and hold ongoing training.

The fibers, the construction, the look and feel of the carpets can be ruined if not handled properly. The preliminary steps of preparing the carpets for cleaning is critical. Over-wetting the carpet during the cleaning process may cause irreparable odor issues in the future. The products used to clean must be of the highest quality so as not to leave behind any residue. The rinsing, final extraction as well as grooming of the carpets after cleaning all contribute to the perfect cleaning. Thorough Cleaning & Fast Drying.

What are the Ten Steps to a Professional Carpet Cleaning in Macomb County?

1. Pre-Inspect the carpets for Spot, Stains, Weak Seams and High Traffic Patterns.

2. Pre-Vacuum Carpets & Prep Areas. Set up, corner guards.

3. Spot Clean & Pre-Treat High Traffic Areas with proper spotters

4. Agitate and Allow Dwell Time to loosen the soil from the fibers

5. Hot Water Extraction with the Proper Rinsing Agents

6. Offer Post Cleaning Protection with the 90 Day Warranty

7. Post-Cleaning Grooming to set the nap for better drying

8. Post-Cleaning Education regarding drying time.

9. Document for all future cleanings.

10. Remind the client that their carpets will last longer and look better if cleaned every 12-18 months.

What do Macomb County residents do with their furniture while their carpets are being cleaned?

The client is normally asked to move their small delicate knick-knack’s, odds & ends, collectibles, lamps, and plants. Anything that is an antique or is filled with delicate items will not be moved.

Grandfather clocks, pianos, organs, computers or entertainment units will be gone around. If the client has floor-length curtains or expensive draperies, we can hang them over a hanger and onto the rod to keep them off the floor. It is a good idea to pick up all shoes or items on the floor and maybe put them into baskets or bins. Another wise idea is to control traffic patterns in the home while the carpets are damp. This will control the chances of slipping when traveling from the carpet to a hard surface floor.

Otherwise, we will move all the end tables, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, loveseats, cabinets, and dressers. We use sliders and extra care when moving these items and then place protective foam or foil tabs under the legs to prevent the chance of a rust mark occurring while the carpets are still damp.  We suggest that the best time to clean is when you have little traffic and can afford an overnight drying time of 8 to 12 hours.

Do you have any suggestions for Macomb County residents who want to remove old stains that have set over time?

Many spots can easily be removed while they are still fresh. After the spots dry they may be much harder to remove but water base or oil base soil can be removed by using a scientific approach, extra care, and proper timing. Many fibers will hold 90% of their weight in dry soil. Add to this a bit of salad dressing or cola and you can have a muddy mess. The elements of cleaning are simple in the hands of a professional cleaner. Never scrub the spot, never use too much heat or anything that may bleach out the color. 

A “stain” by its name and nature is usually a permanent condition. There may be dyes or chemicals in the spill that could compromise the colors of the fibers. Foot Medications are commonly the culprit in altering the color of the carpet fibers. Beverages that may have a colored flavoring are also dangerous. Glass cleaner overspray can be harmful to the fibers as will a sizing or starch used in ironing clothes.

The best and safest practice is to blot the spill up quickly or use a flat surface like a spatula to remove the mass of the spill. Pizza can be picked up quickly but the sauce or oil from the pepperoni is still going to be a problem. Use club soda for water base spots. Blot repeatedly and feather dry delicately with a hairdryer on a mild setting. For oil-based spots, a sage dry cleaner or gentle detergent can be used and blotted. However, if the detergent or spotting agent is not thoroughly removed you will create a new problem and rapid soiling. If the spot or stain has been in direct sunlight there are other factors involved.

Does using hot water to clean carpets cause mold growth in Macomb County?

Most professional carpet cleaners today use Hot Water Extraction. The evolution of carpet cleaning has taken us from shampooing carpets or using dry compounds to using small portable carpet cleaning machines to the state of the art … Truck Mounted Systems of today.

Using the right amount of moisture to pre-treat spots and high traffic areas helps to control that the carpets are not “Over Wet”. Extracting 90% of the moisture and then preparing the house for a rapid drying with fans will prevent mold or mildew from generating.

If the carpets are over wet or under-extracted there is a health concern that can not be ignored. The carpets should not be so wet that the padding beneath gets saturated. The trained technician can use his knowledge, experience, and skills to extract most of the moisture.

Most Manufactures prefer the Truck Mounted Systems because they are self- contained cleaning plants. They carry their own freshwater, get that water up to the right cleaning temperature, use the proper pressure and metered detergent and then offer the fastest and safest method to extract the moisture back into the soiled water tank that will safely transport it back to a safe place for disposal.

How long will it take my carpets to dry after cleaning?

When the carpets care properly cleaned by a trained professional you can expect the carpets to take 8 to 12 hours to dry. Some of the factors that can extend the “drying time” are the weather or lack of airflow in the home or office.

Hot Water Extraction removes about 90% of the moisture used during the cleaning. The carpets are usually groomed so that they “stand up” like hair to more quickly release the moisture into the air. After the carpets are groomed the traffic flow over the damp carpets should be limited so that it does not lay down again.

The heat or air conditioning should be set to moderate temperature and the fan set to “ON” overnight which will help with the drying. Ceiling Fans or any air movement will help. Leaving a home or office buttoned up tight with no airflow is the worst thing a client can do for drying their carpets rapidly.

I live on the top floor of an apartment building in Macomb County. Will your hoses reach?

With the Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning System, we use at Centurion we have done work on the 12 floors or used a portable carpet cleaning machine to reach difficult areas where the location may prohibit us from using the Truck Mounted System. Security issues, such as banks or parking concerns must be taken into consideration. We carry enough hose to do 500 square feet of carpet or 500,000 square feet of carpet. 4 Customer Service Representatives, Ten Trucks, and Twenty Employees make this possible.

When is the best season in Macomb County, Michigan to get my tile and grout cleaned?

There is no Best Season to clean Tile & Grout. Whenever you look at the edges of your room and see the grout as it looked when it was first applied, and it looks different than the grout beneath your feet in the main traffic areas of the room it is time.

We use special products and processes to “deep” clean the tile and grout so that it is the cleanest it can be. The microscopic pores in the tile and grout can hide and hold bacteria and soil that is unsafe for your children and pets.

Damp mopping the tile floors sometimes just moves the soil around from place to place evening out the soil, making it smell good and look a little better. But the reality is that a deep cleaning at a high temperature and with a good detergent will give you back the sense of prime you once had when you decided to improve your flooring. Years if simple spray products should be stripped away professionally.

Why should I hire a professional in Macomb County to clean my tile and grout?

Years of the build-up of over the counter spay products can Ugly Out the beautiful tile and grout that you invested in. The day to daylight cleaning needs to have a periodic Deep-Down Cleaning with the right products and hot pressurized water. Afterward, soap and soil are extracted away safely.

You and your Family should be walking on the safe, sanitary tile. Those microscopic pores in the tile and grout hide chemicals that have been walked in on your shoes or your pet’s paws. Pesticides, Fertilizer, Soil, grease, tar, asphalt, antifreeze, foot medication, and ice melt products, as well as pet issues, are just a few of the items that make your tile UNSAFE.

What is the preferred method for cleaning upholstery in Macomb County?

There are several methods of cleaning upholstery. Some are better than others but the first thing you must consider when cleaning upholstery is the fiber content. Cotton, Wool, Silk are some of the natural fibers. Polyester and Nylon are man-made fibers. There is sometimes a weave or nap to the fabric that much is taken into consideration when cleaning. Taking the time to learn and become proficient when cleaning upholstery will make a substantial difference in the result.

Sometimes fabrics will hold their own weight in soil. So, the first thing we do is dry vacuum the fabric carefully with the nap. This is a good time to check the seam and zippers. It is the perfect time to look for any dry rot or deterioration of the fabric from sun fading or abuse. The platform should also be vacuumed to remove dust, dander, coins, popcorn seeds, and pet hair.

Spot cleaning with the right products is then done with extra care around buttons and zippers. Rust can be a problem, so we always want to use extra care. The proper method for cleaning is just as important for the result.… shampoo, steam, dry cleaning. The manufacturer usually gives the cleaner some guidance with the cleaning codes. X means Do Not Clean, S means Dry Clean Only and W means the fabric is tolerant of water-based cleaning products, however, extreme care must be used.

Can you remove old stains on my sofa?

A Stain is usually permanent. A trained technician with experience may be able to remove the stain with the use of specialty cleaning products. But time and the environment may contribute to making the stain difficult to remove. The UV rays of the sun can contribute to the stain being set and the humidity in the home may also cause secondary effects to the stain.

Proper care must be administered immediately to prevent a spot from becoming a stain. Fabric protection like Magi Seal, Micro Seal, and Scotchgard can help add years of beauty and use to an item.

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