Don’t Wait Until After Winter to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Don’t Wait Until After Winter to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Monday, November 15, 2021
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Most people wouldn’t think of winter as a good time to have your carpet cleaned, but there are plenty of benefits to not putting your carpet cleaning off until spring. To keep your home clean, comfortable, and sanitary year-round, don’t skip carpet cleaning during the winter.

Carpet dries faster in the winter

It’s natural to assume that your carpet would dry faster in the warmer weather months, but that’s actually not true. If you think about it, your carpet isn’t sitting out in the sunlight, so that factor doesn’t come into play. What does affect it is humidity. During winter, the humidity is much lower, allowing your carpet to dry quicker than in the muggier summer months.

Carpets can hold in and release allergens throughout the winter

When the weather is nice, it’s a great feeling to be able to leave your windows open and let in the fresh air. However, that fresh air carries with it pollen and other allergens that are in abundance during the summer and spring. Your carpet soaks up these allergens, and when it gets cold and your windows close, there’s no way to air it all out. Due to this, those allergens can be kicked up throughout the winter by people walking on it or from vacuuming, and they can worsen your home’s air quality. Professional cleaning would rid your carpet of the allergens it’s holding onto.

Better availability for scheduling

Adding to the convenience of a quicker-drying carpet, you can get the drop on other customers with the easier scheduling for a carpet cleaner that you’ll find during winter. All those people waiting until spring to get their carpet cleaned will create a rush once spring comes, causing long and frustrating wait times—and possibly even surge pricing. You’ll find far fewer scheduling conflicts and booked-up time slots for carpet cleaning companies during the winter.

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