How Often do you Need to Clean or Condition Leather Furniture?

How Often do you Need to Clean or Condition Leather Furniture?

Friday, July 1, 2022
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Leather furniture provides a comfortable seat and adds a nice touch to any room, but it needs to be properly maintained for these benefits to stay with it. In general, leather furniture should be cleaned about once a month, with a deep conditioning twice per year. However, there are different kinds of leather that require different maintenance schedules. So, let’s start with what kind of leather is on your furniture.

What kind of leather furniture do you have?

 There are a couple of main types of leather used in upholstery, with the difference being whether or not the leather is treated.

Finished leather

Finished leather is the most common kind of leather used in upholstery. It’s been treated with dyes or protectants to make it more durable and require less care.

Aniline leather

This is leather that is not treated with any dyes or protectants, leaving it with a soft and natural feel. It’s a more luxury leather in the upholstery world. It requires more careful cleaning and conditioning to keep it feeling soft and plush. Over time with good care, aniline leather develops a gloss or patina to it.

How do you clean a leather couch?

There are two methods of cleaning a leather couch that each should be used.

About once a week, you use a vacuum with a brush attachment to gently clean any dirt, hair, or dust off of the surface of your leather couch.

Once every month to six weeks, take a damp cloth and wipe down the leather. This will keep any oil buildup or spills from tarnishing the leather. You can use water to dampen the cloth, or you can use a store-bought leather cleaner.

How do you condition a leather couch?

Conditioning a leather couch is a more delicate process than your regular cleaning methods. It should be done twice a year to ensure that the leather stays soft and flexible. Use a microfiber cloth to apply leather conditioner to the leather. Then, you gently buff in the conditioner as if you were applying wax to a car.

Centurion Services | Professional upholstery cleaning

With a really high quality piece of leather furniture, you want to make sure that you protect your investment the way it deserves to be. The best way to ensure your leather furniture stays in pristine condition is to have it cleaned and conditioned by professionals. The experts at Centurion Services know exactly how to take care of a leather couch, no matter what kind of leather it is. Our upholstery cleaning and conditioning services are gentle and thorough to make sure that your leather furniture shines and feels like it should.

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