How To Stop Carpeting From Causing Allergies

How To Stop Carpeting From Causing Allergies

Sunday, May 1, 2022
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Are you regularly sneezing, sniffling, and itching even when you’re in your own home? Springtime allergies from pollen may not be the only issue. If you’ve got carpeting in your home, it could very likely be a source of your allergy irritation. Even if you regularly vacuum your carpet, it’s not always enough to keep it from bothering you.

Decide if you really need carpeting or not

If you find that your carpet is making your allergies act up, then the best course is to just get rid of it. Carpeting offers a ton of small areas for allergens like dust, mold, and pollen to cling to. When you step on the carpet or the wind blows through from outside, it can release these allergens into the air and into your nose and lungs. So, if it’s become a big problem for you, then consider tossing the carpet in favor of a hardwood or laminate floor which won’t trap allergens.

If it’s not causing an unbearable problem for you, and you really prefer to keep carpeting, there are some ways to lessen the effects. The first recommendation is to get rid of full-floor carpeting and replace it with washable throw rugs and area rugs. This way you can regularly clean them more effectively than you can with carpet that’s stuck to the ground. Also, there’s less area for allergens to hide. It’s a good idea to go with a short-pile carpet instead of a high-pile carpet for the same reason. That shag carpeting will trap in a ton more allergens than a shorter-length option.

You may be allergic to the carpet itself

While airborne allergens like dust and mold tend to be the culprit for your allergies, there is a chance that you’re allergic to the material that the carpet is made of. Depending on what your carpet is made of, it may give off VOCs that cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them. Carpeting has two components to it, the pile that you see and step on, and the webbed layer underneath that holds it together. Both components could be a cause of your allergies. For full-floor carpeting, there is also the carpet padding that goes under it. This could be another source of allergies, as they usually include allergens like formaldehyde.

If the carpet you suspect is causing the allergies is relatively new, try letting it air out outside for a day or two. This can release the VOCs that come out in high concentrations when a carpet is new. If that doesn’t work, you’ll likely have to replace it with a more allergen-friendly choice. Take note of the materials that make up that carpet, and look for a replacement that doesn’t include them.

Tips for allergy-proofing your carpet

If the problem isn’t the materials that make up your carpet, but the allergens that get trapped within it, then here are some ideas for minimizing those allergens.

  • Vacuum at least once a week with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, which is designed to trap allergens rather than circulate them around. Also, if you have a pet, make sure your vacuum is designed for pet hair.
  • Keep windows closed during allergy seasons when the pollen levels are especially high.
  • Regularly wash any throw rugs in hot water.
  • Get a dehumidifier to make it tougher for mold to grow and dust mites to survive.
  • Don’t only clean your carpets, but also any fabric upholstery in your home as well.
  • Have professionals deep clean your carpet on a regular basis to “reset” allergen levels within them.

Centurion Services | Professional carpet deep cleaning & upholstery cleaning

Allergy sufferers know as well as anyone that people don’t appreciate what it’s like to breathe through a clear nose until your nose gets stuffy. Add in the sneezing, coughing, and itching, and you’ve got an annoying issue to deal with. Centurion Services wants to help you live comfortably in your own home. We can completely clear your carpet and rugs of any allergens using our thorough cleaning techniques and industrial-strength equipment. We can also clean your upholstery, as it can trap in allergens too. You’ll notice a huge improvement in your allergies once we’ve finished. It’s like a reset, it brings the allergen level in your carpeting back down to zero so you can breathe easy again.

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