Keeping Your Marine Carpeting Clean

Keeping Your Marine Carpeting Clean

Friday, July 29, 2022
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Now that it’s nice and sunny outside, it’s the perfect time to use your boat. But with more use comes more cleaning needs. If you have carpeting in your boat, you know that it’s not always easy to keep clean. The last thing you want is for it to get dull and ratty. You want it to look bright to complement your boat, and to be soft underneath your feet. We’ve got some tips for keeping your boat’s carpeting clean no matter how often you use it this summer.

Vacuum regularly and before any other cleaning

By its nature, marine carpeting is going to pick up a lot of dirt and sand. Wet feet that step in the sand or in the dirt are going to track it onto your boat, and as they dry that sand and dirt will be deposited into the carpeting. Having a handheld or battery powered vacuum available to get the debris out of your carpet will make a big difference in look and feel. If you plan on doing any other kind of carpet treatment, it’s important to get this debris out of the way first.

Use spot treatments as soon as needed

There’s likely going to be some drinks on your boat and maybe even food. All it takes is one choppy waves to bump people into spilling on your marine carpeting. Keep a spot treatment solution on hand along with a towel so that you can immediately work on the spill before it sets into a stain. This will make getting the resulting stain out much easier.

Make sure to always dry out your marine carpet

Marine carpet is going to get wet, there’s nothing to do about that. Whether it’s from people being in the water or from cleaning up a spill, there will be moisture in the carpet. If you don’t do anything about it, then your marine carpeting will start to smell musty. To avoid this, make sure to always allow time for the carpeting to dry before you cover up the boat. Also, remember to cover it before it rains.

Get a professional carpet cleaning once a year

If you really want to keep your marine carpeting as fresh and comfortable as you can, leave the heavy cleaning up to the pros. Some people prefer to have it done at the end of the year to clean up any messes made during the summer; some prefer to have it done at the start so they can enjoy the fresh carpeting right away. Whichever you choose, you’ll be glad you did it when you look at your bright, clean carpeting.

Centurion Services | Marine carpet cleaning experts

If you take good care of your boat, cleaning the deck and wiping off the exterior, then there’s no reason you should stop before taking care of the carpet. It will make a noticeable difference to have clean, soft carpeting in your boat. The experts at Centurion Services can restore even the dirtiest marine carpeting to a brand-new state.

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