Skip the Spring Cleaning—Leave it to the Pros!

Skip the Spring Cleaning—Leave it to the Pros!

Friday, April 1, 2022
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Finally, the cold weather is starting to thaw out. Now, you can open your windows and let out the stuffiness that’s been trapped in for months to trade it for much-needed fresh air. It’s a beautiful feeling, but the fresh air alone won’t refresh your whole home. With the spring weather comes spring cleaning. Some people love this time of year, but not everyone takes joy in cleaning chores. If you’d rather not spend hours on your hands and knees cleaning up your home, you don’t have to! The pros at Centurion Services can knock out your spring cleaning to-do list in no time, so you can get a beautifully clean home without having to do all the work.

Carpeting and rugs

We’ll deep clean your carpeting to get rid of whatever has clung to it over the winter months. You’ve got mud from boots, mold from melted snow absorbed into the carpeting, dust, pet hair, and more that has been stuck in your carpet. Without fresh air to clear the room, your carpet has been absorbing more of these things than it usually would.

Rugs are no different, they can trap the same things and likely more of them since they’re generally used to protect carpeting from muddy boots when you walk in the door. There are also mites to watch out for, which can cling to your pets or you and cause potential health problems. When we’re finished with your home, you’ll be able to notice a clear difference in air quality that comes with clean carpeting and rugs. If you have expensive, delicate carpeting and rugs you need to be cleaned, we can handle those, too.


We won’t just stop at the carpeting and rugs; we can clean your upholstery to perfection. Upholstery cleaning often requires a careful hand. Different kinds of upholstery need different cleaning techniques to keep them from getting damaged while effectively cleaning them up. We can get any stains out, no matter how bad. Plus, we’ll get rid of any lingering odors your upholstery may have picked up over the less active winter months.

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So, if you’re sick of the spring cleaning routine every year, give yourself a break! Let our cleaning experts give your home deep cleaning to start out the warm season while you do whatever you need or want to do. You don’t need to spend hours cleaning to get a clean home, our team can make that happen for you. Let us make your home look and feel cleaner than it ever has before! With our professional-grade equipment and latest techniques, plus our years of experience, there isn’t a home out there we can refresh for springtime.

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