SPRING CLEANING in Bloomfield Hills

SPRING CLEANING in Bloomfield Hills

Friday, April 27, 2018

Well, it’s finally Spring Time in Bloomfield Hills . . . or is it. Let’s wait five minutes and check the forecast again.

Oh, how we love Spring Time in Michigan . . . flowers, pollen, sunshine, garden plans, fertilizer, and pest control. We bring a lot of the things we do and love outside . . . back inside our homes onto our floors and furniture. We don’t realize how often we do this and so we need to keep it “top of mind” especially if you have pets or children playing on the floors, carpets or furniture. Regular cleaning is great . . . but a deep down thorough cleaning is critical with all this indoor-outdoor activity going on.

We want to open the windows and let that fresh spring air in. We are tired of those grey winter days. But opening those windows without first dusting off the screens and sills will invite unwanted dust and debris into your living spaces. So, to prevent this transition, plan to do this sort of cleaning on a day that is not windy and where you can keep that dust outside. You want the Air Quality in your house to be dust-free.

Upholstery, Area Rug, Sofa, Tile, and Carpet Cleaning Bloomfield Hills

While you and your pets have been nesting all winter. . . your carpets, furniture, mattresses, and vents have been filling up with hair, pet dander, and skin cells. Yuck! It’s time to get all these areas clean and sanitary. In our home we do the high dusting first, changing lights and dusting fixtures as we go. If you have your HVAC vents cleaned first you can save a few steps when it comes to your power dusting and steam cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets. Area Rugs should be properly vacuumed and cleaned, and your leather furniture needs to be cleaned and moisturized to extend their usefulness and life.

Call Centurion Services for Tile Cleaning Bloomfield, Professional Carpet Cleaning, and More

Your home and your furnishings represent a major investment. Keeping these items clean and well maintained is very important. Spring Cleaning or Anytime Cleaning . . . call Centurion Services for assistance or advice. We have Sensational Seasonal Specials running for carpet cleaning Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Grosse Pointe, Troy, and all Southeast Michigan areas in between. For Peace of Mind, call Centurion 800-722-8855.