What Does Winter Salt Do to Your Carpet

What Does Winter Salt Do to Your Carpet

Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Safety is a priority when the ice starts to form and your porches, driveway, and walkway get slippery, so winter salt is necessary to protect yourself and your guests. However, when winter salt gets tracked into your home, it will have a visible effect on your carpeting.

How winter salt affects your carpet

Winter salt affects your carpet in a couple of ways, and both are things that you’ll want to prevent if you like a clean, comfortable carpet.


When winter salt mixes with melted snow, it dissolves into a liquid. This liquid will cling to boots and find its way into your home or business’s carpeting. When it dries, you’ll see that it has left a white stain behind that can be tough to get out.

Longer drying time

The chemicals in salt absorb moisture from the air. If these chemicals soak into your carpet, then the carpet will stay wet longer than usual after a cleaning. The oily residue that salt leaves on your carpet may not come off in regular cleaning, so that moisture will stick around longer as long as the residue stays. The longer your carpet is wet, the more likely it is to start growing mold and smelling musty.

How to protect your carpet

Absorbent Door Mats

If you don’t have doormats, winter is a good time to invest in them. They give you a chance to get rid of dirt and melted salt before it reaches your carpet, which is much harder to clean than a doormat you can just throw in the washing machine. Some materials of doormats don’t absorb as well as others, defeating their purpose when you need them most. Find the most absorbent doormats you can so you can spend less time cleaning your carpet.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned

Like we mentioned earlier, winter salt residue may not come out of your carpet from regular DIY cleaning. It’s a stubborn kind of stain that requires heavier duty equipment and cleaning solutions. Having your carpet regularly cleaned by professionals throughout the winter is the best way to prevent winter salt stains from hanging around.

Centurion Services | Expert carpet & flooring cleaners

If you’re sick of looking at the white stains left in your carpet by winter salt residue, and you’ve tried everything to get rid of them, call on the professionals. We’ll bring in our top-of-the-line equipment and powerful cleaning solutions to rid your carpet of any winter salt residue. We work quickly, but we do a thorough job, ensuring that every inch of your carpet is completely clean down to the roots.

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