Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Are the Way to Go

Why Professional Carpet Cleaners Are the Way to Go

Friday, January 29, 2021
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If you look at your carpeting in your home or business, and you see some darker areas, then it might be time for a good, deep cleaning.  However, ordinary steam cleaning can only pull up so much of the dirt and bacteria festering in the fibers of your carpet.  Centurion Services, Inc. has the skills to breathe some life back into your carpet!

From spot cleaning to a full carpet cleaning, let Centurion show you the difference a fresh, clean carpet makes on your overall well-being.  Take a look at some of the reasons why you should opt for a professional cleaning service rather than tackling such a job on your own.

Not All Carpeting Is Identical

There are so many different kinds of fabrics that are woven into carpeting and area rugs.  Our expert carpet cleaners at Centurion are skilled to determine the exact cleaning procedures needed for any given carpet and its fabric material.  From premium wool to blends of cotton, Centurion is prepared to make your carpet look new again!

We Understand How Stains Work

It happens to the best of us… carpet stains are the worst, and there’s just no avoiding them.  However, cleaning carpet stains on your own can potentially make the stains worse if you don’t follow the right procedure.  Our team has dealt with stains like red wine, coffee, oils or greases, pet stains, and more.

Excess Moisture Grows Bacteria

With your everyday steam cleaner, excess moisture may still exist within your carpet fibers even after you’ve gone through and dried them.  This will cause bacteria to remain intact with your carpet and continue to contaminate them.  Professional cleaning goes deep within the fibers of your carpet, eliminates bacteria, and properly dries the fibers.

Think About Your Air Quality

Not only does clean carpeting improve the look and feel of your home or business, but it also significantly improves the air quality, too!  Many of the things harboring inside your carpet or area rugs essentially get pulled out and disposed of with our equipment.  Then, health issues such as asthma or other respiratory ailments will greatly benefit from carpet sanitation.  These types of debilitations make it hard for us to be inside for very long.  But, with the expert cleaning of Centurion, you can enjoy your space and breathe like normal again!

Centurion Services, Inc.: The Best Carpet Cleaning Macomb County!

All our Centurion technicians have years of experience in the residential carpet cleaning field and are continuing to undergo training in the latest carpet cleaning techniques to create a healthy and clean environment.

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