Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned Before the Holidays

Why You Should Have Your Carpet Cleaned Before the Holidays

Monday, November 1, 2021
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While hosting family and friends for the holiday is a wonderful thing, there’s no doubt that it’s a stressful undertaking. You want your guests to feel comfortable in your home, and you also want to give a good impression of its cleanliness and style. Not only is the buildup to your hosting a time of stressful cleaning, but there will be plenty of cleaning to do after the fact. Consider these reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned before your guests arrive for the holidays.

Carpets trap smells that you may not be aware of

You get used to things in your home after experiencing them for a while, to the point that you might not even remember they’re there. There may be a consistent noise from your pipes that you’ve long tuned out, and every home has a certain smell to it—good or bad—that the people living there stop noticing over time. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned recently, there’s a good chance that it’s trapped in foul odors that your guests will notice. A professional cleaning can get deep into the carpet and release any odors that you don’t want to linger around, leaving only a fresh smell in the air.

You’ll have your hands full with other cleaning chores

While your carpet may take up a lot of space, there are seemingly endless other areas of your house that need to be cleaned to keep your guests comfortable. Plus, you may vacuum your carpet, but that won’t get rid of the stains and smells that your carpet has locked in. A professional carpet cleaning will get your carpet smelling fresh and looking brighter while freeing up your attention for other pressing matters.

Get rid of some of the winter mess now so you don’t have to clean it all come spring

Spring cleaning exists for a reason, messes build up during the winter. Whether it’s due to the mud and dirt tracked in on snowy boots, or the fact that it’s tougher to find cleaning motivation in the colder, darker days of winter when the sunshine of spring hits you’ll find that there is some work to do around the house. To lessen the amount of work you have to do in your spring cleaning, get your carpet cleaned during the winter to make a big impact on how much dirt is left over once winter ends.

Make sure overnight guests are comfortable in their rooms

Cleaning your living room for daytime guests is one thing, but if you have people staying over, you want their rooms to be perfectly clean, too. If those rooms are carpeted, you may run into the same odor problem that we discussed earlier. Ensure that your guest rooms are fresh and ready to make anyone comfortable with a professional carpet cleaning.

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