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Why You Should Choose Centurion for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

For over 40 years, Centurion Services, Inc. has been a leading commercial carpet cleaner with a passion for keeping your workspaces clean and fresh.  We have never stopped learning, growing, and improving our carpet cleaning practices so our team stands out above the rest and can exceed every expectation from our customers.

Since 1980, our team at Centurion has spent decades getting to know every kind of commercial customer.  By cleaning in small-to-large business settings, we have a relentless passion for superior cleaning practices along with building long-lasting relationships with each business that we serve.

Our company also uses $80,000 carpet cleaning trucks that carry the highest standard of steam cleaning technology to remove Coronavirus and other infectious germs, dust mites, dirt, soil, dander, and other contaminants.  This state-of-the-art system gives you the most precise carpet cleaning in Macomb County, Oakland County, and Wayne County!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Is a Long-Term Investment

First impressions matter when it comes to businesses.  Keeping the carpet of your business clean will help you maintain the professional image of your office.  Our expert carpet cleaners in southeast Michigan and the surrounding areas can perform regular carpet cleanings to improve the air quality and extend the life of every carpet in your business.

While considering the aesthetics of your business, carpeting is one of those components that clients and partners will notice first.  From treating high-traffic areas to eliminating stains and spots, Centurion can help you improve this imperative first impression.

Another important component of regular carpet cleaning is maintaining the air quality of your business.  Carpeting essentially acts as an air filter, holding onto all kinds of germs, bacteria, dirt, and debris for long periods of time.  The longer you go without having the carpeting cleaned, the longer contaminants will fester in the fibers of the carpet.  This can create a progressively unhealthy working environment for you, your employees, and your clients.

Centurion has the equipment and expertise you need to maintain the quality of your carpeting.  We can extend the life of your carpeting not only by extracting harmful contaminants but also by restoring its original color and shape.  Believe us when we say that you will see the benefits for yourself when you opt for a thorough carpet cleaning from our seasoned technicians!

How Clean Carpeting Can Increase Business Productivity

Maintaining clean carpeting in your business can help remedy all different kinds of contaminants living in the fibers of the carpet.  Clean carpeting improves the indoor air quality, creates a better first impression, and leaves carpeting smelling fresh.

All these things are beneficial to every occupant of your business and everyone's overall health and well-being.  A clean and well-kept work environment sets quality standards for your employees and allows them to be more engaged and productive.

Depending on how much carpeting is in your business or workplace, regular vacuuming and spot cleaning will suffice for a limited amount of time.  Choosing to hire a carpet cleaning company means you are utilizing the best available resources in the industry along with maximizing the overall lifespan of the carpeting.

Centurion Services, Inc.: The Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in Southeast Michigan

Here at Centurion, we are the leading commercial carpet cleaning services you need to get your business looking fresh and inviting.

Centurion provides quality carpet cleaning services without interrupting the workflow of our customers and their employees and clients.  We have continued to learn, grow, and improve our practices so we can guarantee to provide you with the best results around.  Our technicians always keep up with the latest training to create a healthy and clean environment.

In addition to exceptional carpet cleaning services, we take pride in utilizing the best equipment along with a personable and hard-working staff to ensure our customers get everything they need and more.  We know you’ve worked hard to acquire your business, and we’ll work hard to help you maintain it.

Contact our team here at Centurion for the best carpet cleaning near Macomb County, Oakland County, and Wayne County!  Call today to book your appointment at (586) 204-6387 or fill out our online contact form to get your business cleaning today!

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