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Centurion Provides the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

We are dedicated to providing quality carpet cleaning services without interrupting the workflow of our clients. Our company opened its doors in 1980, and our technicians always keep up with the latest training. We can guarantee to provide you with the best results!

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First impressions matter when it comes to business. Keeping your company’s carpeting clean will help you maintain the professional image in your office. Hiring our company to provide this service daily, weekly or monthly will also improve the indoor air quality and extend the life of the flooring. Centurion knows how to maintain those high traffic areas that are prone to collecting dirt, grease, dust, and even rock salt during the winter months.

How Clean Carpet Can Increase Productivity in Your Facility

Maintaining clean carpeting in your facility eliminates norovirus germs, improves the indoor air quality, makes for better appearances, and even smells good. All these things are beneficial to your building’s occupants and their well beings. Clean and well-kept work environments set quality standards for your employees and help them to be more engaged and productive.

Contact Centurion for Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Needs Today! We service all of Southeast Michigan, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Kathy Keiper
I guarantee that no one does carpet & upholstery, tile & grout or leather care & repair better.
– Kathy Keiper, Owner
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