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Area rugs add beautiful focal points to a room. However, they can act as an air filter, just like carpeting can – especially in high traffic areas. This means that plenty of germs, dust, and soils get trapped inside of them. Over time, the day to day wear and tear will take its toll on your area rug. Regular vacuuming won’t be enough to get rid of these elements. Centurion’s fine area rug cleaning services can take care of that for you.

We offer a 12 step inspection and hand detailed cleaning for your area rugs. We look for spots, stains, pet damage, sun damage, pivot points, tears, snags, fringe issues, and anything else we think you should know about your rug. We also provide pickup and delivery services and give you an estimate prior to your cleaning.

Kathy Keiper
I guarantee that no one does carpet & upholstery, tile & grout or leather care & repair better.
– Kathy Keiper, Owner
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