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Leather furniture is a wise investment that adds a touch of elegance to any space.  Even though leather is extremely durable, signs of wear are very visible, which is why proper cleaning and maintenance is so necessary.  Many cleaning products on the market are not designed for leather and can harm the finish, causing dryness and cracking.

Leather Furniture Is Long-Lasting But Still Needs Regular Upkeep

Fine leather is smooth and luxurious, making it an excellent option for furniture.  It has a long lifespan, breathes well, and will not stretch out of shape.  If properly cared for, leather will improve with age and last a lifetime.  Leather furniture that has been discolored or damaged was once thought to be beyond repair, but it can now be repaired thanks to a creative method used by our professional technicians.

Our leather care experts have extensive experience restoring leather, including general wear, fixing burns, sun fading, punctures, rips, tears, and stains.  Our leather furniture repair compounds are chemically engineered to last a lifetime and can remove any-and-all damage.  We will restore your fine leather furniture to improve and preserve its once soft and comfortable feel, in addition to keeping it clean and preserved going forward.

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What Leather Cleaning Protects Your Furniture Against

There are a variety of contaminants that can significantly impact leather furniture over time.  Body oils, perspiration, sun fading, and normal wear and tear can all degrade the appearance of leather furniture over time, leaving light and dark spots or noticeable stains.

  • Oils and grease: Human and animal body oils are easily transferred and seep into heavily used pieces of leather furniture, causing considerable harm to the furniture's protective finish.
  • Airborne elements: Dust particles, airborne cooking oils, and invisible air contaminants created by everyday household activities eventually find their way onto leather furniture and can accelerate degradation.
  • Dirt and other soils: Adults, children, and pets bring soils into the house, including common dirt, sand, and plant fibers, which stick to the leather every time the furniture is used.
  • Inks and dyes: There are two types of inks and dyes.  Inks and dyes can be applied to leather furniture in a variety of ways, including a leaking marker, newspaper ink, and dyes from fabrics like denim.  These inks and dyes can be difficult to extract without destroying the surface.

Our certified leather specialists have the skills to identify the styles in your furniture and recommend products designed to clean and remove soil buildups and other stain-causing elements.  After that, we'll condition and secure your leather to restore its natural beauty and feel.

Centurion Services, Inc.: One of Southeast Michigan’s Best Leather & Furniture Cleaning Services!

In addition to exceptional leather cleaning services, we take pride in utilizing the best equipment along with a personable and hard-working staff to ensure our customers get everything they need and more.  We take pride in using the latest equipment, as well as a personable and hardworking team, to ensure that our customers get everything they need and more.  We understand how hard you worked to purchase valuable possessions like your furniture, and we'll do all we can to help you preserve them.

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