Magi Seal Protection System
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Our furniture can be some of the biggest assets home and business owners alike will own.  In order to keep furniture for long periods of time, it is best to apply premium fabric and leather protection for optimal liquid, oil, or other stain resistance.  Magi Seal is a furniture protector that lasts a lifetime, so your furniture stays looking and feeling beautiful for years to come!

Premium Existing and New Furniture Protection

Magi Seal lifetime fabric protection is no ordinary product.  This product has your back when it comes to making your furniture will last for years to come.  It contains a unique fluorochemical that is environmentally friendly and toxic-free, that aids in the best stain protection for furniture.  This special additive also helps slow down yellowing, fading, and mildew.

Magi Seal is a protective coating that keeps common household spills from turning into permanent stains.  Magi Seal is one of the best furniture protector products from water-based stains (like coffee, red wine, or pet urine) to oil-based stains (like grease or cooking oil).  In fact, most liquid spills merely bead up on the fabric's surface, where they may be wiped away without leaving a trace.  Cleanup is simple and quick using Magi Seal!

This fabric and leather care system is a great investment for your furniture.  It cleans, conditions, protects, and prolongs the life of your upholstery with its unique formula.  As most people know, cleaning and repairs can be costly.  It is best to protect your furniture before something happens to it.

With our Magi Seal protection solutions and skilled cleaning services, Centurion can help keep all your business and home furniture looking showroom-new for as long as you own them.  Our experienced team can assist you in finding a solution that matches both your demands and your budget.

Centurion Services, Inc.: One of Southeast Michigan’s Best Commercial Cleaning for Upholstery and Furniture Protection

In addition to exceptional fabric protection and upholstery cleaning services, we take pride in utilizing the best equipment along with a personable and hard-working staff to ensure our customers get everything they need and more.  We know you’ve worked hard to acquire your home or business, and we’ll work hard to help you maintain them.

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