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Tile flooring is becoming much more popular in recent years. However, they still need professional tile and grout cleanings to maintain a clean appearance and prevent discoloring. Tiles and grout have microscopic pores that allow dirt and other contaminants to be trapped and they cannot be easily removed with general mopping. When this dirt gets trapped in the pores, it leaves your tiles looking dark and dirty.

Why Should You Hire Centurion?

Hand scrubbing with harsh chemicals can be very difficult and, most importantly, ineffective. Homeowners and maid services only move soil around when they do their weekly damp mopping on tile and grout. This ends up making the tile look worse over time and it is unsanitary.

Our cleanings are important because it will improve your family’s health and make your floors last longer. If you have infants or toddlers who play on the floor, or pets, they are more likely to pick up and spread germs from your floors. The dust and dirt that build up in the tile will also weaken the integrity of your flooring. Eventually, the flooring will fade, discolor, and even begin to crack. Maintaining these floors should be kept as a high priority.

Centurion Services will restore the natural beauty of your ceramic tile and grout flooring. We use safe, non-toxic tile cleaning solutions to make your floors sparkle and keep your family healthy. We would be happy to arrange a free tile cleaning demonstration and estimate to show you the incredible results we can provide.

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I guarantee that no one does carpet & upholstery, tile & grout or leather care & repair better.
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