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Upholstery cleanings are often forgotten by homeowners. This really isn’t ideal for the health and cleanliness of your home though. All of the same elements that can become trapped in your carpeting (dust, dirt, grease, oils, sandy soils, norovirus germs and more) can also become trapped in your furniture. Centurion Services has provided superior upholstery cleanings for thousands of clients since our company’s doors opened in 1980.

After a home and a car, furniture is often some of the most expensive items a person will buy in their lifetime. Protect your investment by keeping it clean and new longer. It is recommended that upholstery in your home is cleaned every 12 to 24 months. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in removing pet odors, brightening and improving the longevity of the color of your furniture, removing stains, and helping you create a healthier environment. We also offer applications that can make your upholstery resistant to spots and stains, and UV penetration and fading.

We guarantee that no one does carpet & upholstery, tile & grout or leather care & repair better.
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