How Often Do You Clean Commercial Carpeting?

How Often Do You Clean Commercial Carpeting?

Monday, August 30, 2021
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When running a business, you want it to be as welcoming as possible. It’s important that customers and employees alike feel comfortable in your business. The state of your physical storefront or office plays a huge part in keeping people comfortable. One of the things that can slip your mind in the day-to-day demands of running a business is the condition of your carpeting. Carpet that isn’t cleaned as often as it should looks dull or dirty, and it absorbs odors that you may not be aware of since you’re used to being in the building. So, how do you ensure that your carpeting looks and smells fresh all the time? How regularly your commercial carpeting should be cleaned depends on a few factors that we’ll explain throughout this page.

Factors that affect how often you need to clean your commercial carpet

We aren’t talking about everyday maintenance cleaning like vacuuming here, which should be done daily or at least multiple times a week. This refers to how often you should have a professional carpet cleaning done.

Amount of use

It’s pretty straightforward; the more people walk on your carpet, the more often it needs to be cleaned. For example, the carpet in your lobby is going to get a lot more foot traffic than the carpet in a storage room that isn’t used much. Therefore, your lobby carpet will get dirtier much faster and will require more regular cleaning to keep it fresh.

The style and color of your carpet

This is another straightforward area. Darker carpet can conceal dirtiness better than lighter carpet which will show that it’s dirty right away. Also, the thickness of your carpet affects its cleaning needs, too. Thicker carpet will hold more dirt and odors, so they will need to be cleaned more often.

The type of your commercial building

Depending on what sort of business you run, you’ll have a different number of employees and customers walking over your carpet. Also, some businesses have stricter health and safety standards to follow.

Retail Shops

Depending on the number of customers you get, there is a range for regular cleaning. It’s a safe bet to clean your carpet every 3 to 6 months, with higher traffic stores being closer to every 3 months.


Schools follow a similar schedule to retail shops in that their carpet should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Kids commonly get sick at school due to the passing of germs but cleaning your carpet will help to reduce the number of germs your carpet hangs onto.

Restaurants and Bars

With the food safety regulations you need to follow, make sure to have your carpet cleaned at least every 3 months. Not only will it keep food odors from lingering, but it will also address the high number of spills that your carpet experiences.


For the bulk of your carpeting, one deep cleaning per year plus protective maintenance should be sufficient. However, high traffic areas like lobbies or main doorways should be cleaned more regularly.

Office Spaces

A good way to keep employees comfortable is to have your office carpet cleaned every 6 months. This does depend on the climate and area your office is in, too. Drier areas are safe with 2 cleanings a year, but in a more rainy or muddy area, you should clean your carpets more often.

Nursing Homes and Medical Facilities

With even stricter regulations than restaurants and bars, nursing homes and medical facilities need the most diligent carpet cleaning of any commercial building. Given that carpets can absorb germs and other contaminants, you should have your carpet cleaned at least every 2-3 months.

How to keep your commercial carpet fresh between professional cleanings


Treat and clean spots

When an accident happens and something spills, or something is tracked in on your carpet, address the issue as soon as possible. For spills that you don’t see happen, it’s important to have someone who is on the lookout, most likely whoever vacuums the carpet. The quicker you treat a spot, the more likely you can get rid of it.


It’s a no-brainer, but it’s the best thing you can do to keep your carpet as fresh as possible without access to commercial cleaning equipment. Vacuuming will cut down on the amount of dirt and dust that lowers your air quality, and it can get rid of some of the lingering odors, too. Vacuuming every day is the best way to go, but at least vacuum 4 times a week if not.

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