How to Keep Marine Carpet Clean

How to Keep Marine Carpet Clean

Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Having carpet on your boat is a nice touch to make it more comfortable on bare feet. However, with the small area and frequent use of this carpeting, it will likely deal with a lot of use by feet with dirt, sand, and water on them. Luckily, marine carpet is made of polypropylene fibers that resist dirt and other impurities. Still, your marine carpet will get dirty over time.

Cleaning your marine carpet

There is a certain order to cleaning your marine carpet that makes your work most effective.

Vacuum your carpet first

By vacuuming your marine carpet, you’re lifting out any dirt or sand particles that could get in the way of cleaning solutions and soap you’ll apply later.

Use spot cleaning on tough stains

A general cleaning solution likely won’t be enough on its own to get rid of stains in your marine carpet. However, if you use spot cleaning techniques beforehand, you can weaken the stain enough to get rid of it completely by the time you’re done cleaning your marine carpet. Here are some spot cleaning tips:

  • If the stain is dry, use a vacuum on it before treating it with anything else
  • If the stain is wet, blot it out with water and a cleaning solution
  • Always attend to stains as soon as possible for the best results

Apply your favorite carpet cleaning solution

Once you’ve vacuumed and spot cleaned, then your marine carpet should respond well to the carpet cleaner of your choice. It shouldn’t take too strong of a carpet cleaning solution to get the job done. Be sure to follow the carpet cleaner’s directions exactly.

Let your marine carpet dry out

To avoid the growth of mold or a musty smell, be sure to let your boat’s carpeting dry out completely before putting a cover over it or storing it. If you don’t let the carpet dry out, then the musty smell could reverse all of the work you’ve done!

Maintaining your marine carpet

Keep your marine carpet looking and smelling fresh in between cleanings with these tips:

  • If you spill a drink or food on your carpet, clean it up as quickly as possible and treat any stains before they can set.
  • Regularly vacuum your carpeting. This will keep its color vibrant. Also, don’t be afraid to wash it off with water as long as you can give it time to dry out before storing your boat.
  • Have a professional cleaning company clean your marine carpet at least once a year. This will make maintaining your marine carpet much less work.

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